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Notes, clarifications, and things we didn't get to in class.

Chapter 12: Allocation of Decision-making Authority: Agreements to Settle

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In Monday’s class, there was a question about an apparent conflict between Rule 1.2, which provides that only the client may make the decision whether to settle a case, and the fact that under the Restatement, a client can be bound by the lawyer’s acceptance of a settlement. We can clear up this confusion by remembering that the lawyer’s ethical duty and the legal effect of a settlement agreement are two different questions.

Chapters 10 and 11: Billing and Safekeeping Client Property

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In this episode I go through the steps of analyzing whether a fee agreement is in compliance with Rule 1.5. I also spend a few moments summarizing the duty of safekeeping client property under Rule 1.15. This episode features a guest appearance from my cat.

Welcome to Legal Ethics Recap

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Welcome to this Legal Ethics Recap. I’m going to use this to post short after-class talks about material we discussed in class that might need some clarification, to answer some of your questions, and sometimes to talk about material we didn’t get to cover in class. This first episode is on Chapter 9, Establishing a Client-Lawyer Relationship.

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